Name of the Governing body Member and Designation

Background of the Society Governing Body Member

Sr. Vatti Japamala Showrilu, CSA M.A. M.Phil
President / Superior General

Sr. Vatti Japamala Showrilu is a Roman Catholic Nun Elected as Sixth Superior General of the Congregation of Catechist Sisters of St. Ann on 14th August, 2021. She worked as a Mistress, General Secretary, Tutor for Novices, General Councilor, Assistant General, Superior and Correspondent. She added good no. of degrees in her profile; B.Th in Spiritual Theology, Rome, Diploma in Psychology and Counseling, London,  Diploma in Bible Correspondence Course, Madras and Beatification process, Rome and has vivid contacts with the foreign countries.

Her distinguished stewardship was an inspiration and that the legacy of her good works will extend far and wide into the future. She is a great missionary and visionary. Her leadership has been a credit, not only to members of the CSA but to individuals in the service of the people. She is young and dynamic leader and she was a true counsellor and valued companion to many. 

Rev. Sr. Alphonsa Pothireddy 
Vicar General

Sr. P. Alphonsa, CSA a Roman Catholic Nun has great experience in running various Educational institutions as head of the institutions and she attended the no. of National Seminars and workshops, symposium etc. She is a dynamic and efficient administrator and a guiding star to many.  She Elected as a Vicar General in the CSA Congregation on 14th August, 2021. She made a significant and lasting contribution to the institution of Nirmala College of Pharmacy from 2012-2021. Her sense of the divine in all things human remains as an abiding legacy for all.

Sr. Margaret Mary K, CSA,
Provincial Superior of the Hyderabad Province

Sr. Margaret Mary K, CSA, is a Roman Catholic Nun serving as the Provincial Superior of the Hyderabad Province, holding a key position overseeing educational institutions within the Society. With her considerable experience, she is a proficient administrator who has successfully managed schools and served as Principal in numerous institutions. Demonstrating a keen ability to execute tasks in the right manner, Sr. Margaret Mary K excels in both knowledge and relationship-building within the field of educational industries. Her capabilities extend to ensuring effective and efficient operations, making her a valuable asset to the educational community.

Sr. Dr. Showrilu U. CSA
Provincial Superior of the Guntur Province

Sr. Dr. Showrilu U. CSA  is a Roman Catholic Nun and the Provincial Superior of the Guntur Province of the Society of Catechist Sisters of St. Ann. Additionally, she serves as the Vice President of the selection committee at Nirmala College of Pharmacy. With a wealth of experience in administering schools and colleges, she is a prominent member of the Guntur Province, demonstrating excellent mentoring skills in guiding individuals.

Sr. Dr. Showrilu U. is recognized as a proficient administrator and a valuable guide for young religious members. Her extensive knowledge spans the fields of education and finance. She is characterized by a noble nature, embodying kindness, generosity, hard work, and an unwavering commitment. She possesses a visionary outlook, actively contributing to the betterment of the community.

Firmly believing in the mantra "the big talent is persistence," Sr. Dr. Showrilu U. advocates for working hard in silence and letting success be the noise. Her dedication and perseverance serve as an inspiration for others, as she looks forward with great vision to achieve the best outcomes.

Rev. Sr. G. Nirmala Jyothi
CSA M. Pharmacy
Secretary / Correspondent

Sr. G. Nirmala Jyothi CSA is a Roman Catholic Nun. She worked as an Assistant Professor in Nirmala College of Pharmacy in the department of Pharmaceutics from 2014. At Present she is Secretary & Correspondent of Nirmala College of Pharmacy. She has 9 years of teaching experience in the field Pharmaceutical Sciences. She has published 8 articles with impact factor. She is the member of APTI,. She has guided 3 M.Pharm & 12 B.Pharm candidates. She is the woman of dedication and commitment. She has accumulated nine years of teaching experience in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Additionally, she holds membership in the Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI), showcasing her commitment to professional development and collaboration.

Her unwavering commitment to education and her role as a mentor exemplify her passion for fostering the growth and success of aspiring pharmaceutical professionals.

Prof. Dr. A. Prameela Rani
M. Pharm, Ph.D
Advisory & Consultant
Prof. Dr. A. Prameela Rani is a Principal and Professor of University college of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Acharya Nagarjuna University Guntur Andhra Pradesh she is a great Educationist having 32 years of Teaching and Research experience in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She has published more than 100 reserch and review articles in various National & International journals. She is the BOS Chairperson of Pharamceutical Sciences, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Sri. K. Jaya Rami Reddy

Sri. Jayarami Reddy, Director of Seeko Biotics Limited, Tadepalli, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is a good administrator and reputed person in the field of running Pharmaceutical industries.

Principal & Professor

Professor Dr. Pamula Reddy Bhavanam  is the Principal of the Nirmala College of Pharmacy from 1st November, 2023. He has 15.9 years of Teaching and Industrial experience in the field Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has received Grants from AICTE ATAL FDP, AICTE SPICES and Implementation member of DST FIST.He has published – 12 National & 16 International articles with good impact factor. He attained - patents and he has communicated 2 more patents in his field. He is the life member of APTI and PCI. He won 2 National and 1 International prizes. He has guided 33 M.Pharm & 14 B.Pharm candidates. His area of Research is Formulation Development Evaluation of Novel Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms. He also is having the vast experience in the Handling of Equipments.

He is a very humane, simple, and effective administrator. He is a man of dedication and hard work. He acts decisively and is deeply committed to his responsibilities. Excelling in knowledge, he effectively coordinates with others and maintains positive relationships with colleges and universities. Overall, he stands out as a dedicated and capable administrator with a holistic approach to his role.

Dr. Anjana Male
M.Pharm, Ph.D
Professor & HOD

She has 16 years of Experience in Teaching and Research in the field of Pharmacy. She has published over 48 Research papers in National and International peer reviewed journals and has 5 patents to her credit and in which 01 Patent is granted. She is also guiding students for their Ph.D. programme. She is the life member of APTI. Her area of research is on Design of Polyherbal formulation for autoimmune disorders.


Dr. Ch. Supriya, Ph.D
Associate Professor

She has 13 years of Teaching and Research experience. She is also having the 01 year industrial experience in the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology. She is guiding and carrying research projects in Biotechnology and also in the field of Pharmacy. She is the life member of APTI. She is the Women Cell Convener. She motivates and guides the students to improve their knowledge and to build their career.



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