Nirmala College of Pharmacy is a catholic minority institution established and administered by the society of Catechist Sister’s St. Ann Hyd. The college has started in the year 2004 with Diploma in Pharmacy followed by B.Pharmacy (2006), M.Pharmacy (2010) and Pharm. D(2013) ; Ph.D (under process).

    The institution has its own spectacular buildings with spacious well equipped laboratories, class rooms and other facilities as per the norms and standards of PCI and AICTE.

    This institution has been successful in providing and maintaining high quality in teaching and research in pharmaceutical sciences.

    As part of research, institution provides some of the advanced facilities such as HPLC, Bio Analyzer, Dissolution Test Apparatus, Tablet Punching Machines, Tablet Coaters, UV-Visible Spectro Photo Meters, Flame Photometry, Cooling Centrifuge, Spectroflourimeter, Disintegration Test Apparatus, Pole Climbing Apparatus, Soxhlet Extractor, Eddy’s Hot Plate, Gel Electrophoresis, 0.1mg And 1mg Digital Balance, Fluidized Bed Dryer, BOD Incubator, Laminar Air Flow, Kymographs, Blenders Etc…, To The Scientists, R&D Laboratories, other academic institutes, small scale industries, enable them to carry out the research works and testing analysis.

    Addition to that animal house facility for animal care and experiments on animals (rats, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs). This facility works under the guidance of IAEC(institutional animal ethics committee) to ensure an excellent animal care, animal handling and treatment and in complete compliance with the government of India guidelines-CPCSEA (1629/PO/a/12/CPCSEA) for experimentation under the committee.

    Library facility is also with an excellent e-journal, National and International journals, software, internet, reference books to search for advanced review of literature and to carry out the sponsored and consultancy works.

    A team of well experienced, dedicated Ph.D holders, senior faculty members are working in the institution with different specializations such as pharmaceutical analysis, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Phytochemistry, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Biotechnology and Pharmacy Practice.

    So, college management has decided to promote research activities in institution. It also under takes consultancy research work.

    Management has directed and insisted Head of the institution and faculty members to focus on funding and sponsored projects and also on consultancy project works in the year 2012.

    Keeping with this, Principal has decided to start vigorous research in the institution. Hence, a meeting was arranged with all the faculty members and informed/insisted the teachers to start doing projects and a committee is framed on 2nd April, 2012(monady) to carry out the consultancy research works and also to plan for funding/sponsored projects.

    1. President- Secretary/correspondent
    2. Convener-Dr. Prakash K
    3. Research coordinator-Dr. SK Abdul Rahaman
    4. Treasurer-Dr. K Shantha Kumari
    5. Member- Mr. Naresh Babu
    6. Member- Mr. Maria John Newton
    7. Member- Mrs. Ch. Supriya
    8. Member- Mrs.R R Manjula

    The institution research committee members has made following resolutions in various research areas to provide knowledge and intellectual inputs which are of interest to the industry and other organizations.

    Following guidelines will be used for engaging in any consultancy research and sponsored research:
    1. A consultancy project work is one where faculty and research staff will provide knowledge and intellectual inputs the industry or other organizations or institutions with in India and abroad.
    2. All the consultancy and sponsored projects must be processed through head of the institution followed by president of research committee.
    3. All the payments for consultancy projects must come in the name of Nirmala College of Pharmacy, payable at Mangalagiri. The institute will then do the need full works.
    4. Principal investigator (PI) will handle the project work and spend funds as required.
    5. The project requirement originates from the industry/other institutions concerned or faculty can approach industry/other institutions.
    6. All the sponsored or consultancy project proposals are prepared by the PI and co-PI(if Any).
    7. The budget for the proposal should be consisting of following heads:
    • Consulting fee to be paid to PI- A
    • Consulting fee to be paid to co- PI(if any) B
    • Consulting fee C= A+B
    • Equipment charges D
    • Supplies and any contingent Expenses E (such as chemicals, solvents, glass ware, etc….)
    • Man power(students &other experts) F
    • Travel expenses(if any) G
    • Other expenses(electrical,electronics,stationary etc…) H
    • Total expenses I=C+D+E+F+G+H
    • Over head charges to institution(NRML) J=5%of I
    • Total consulting charges H=I+J
    8. All consultancy proposals must be sent under signature of the PI to the Principal for endorsement and approval by president of the committee.
    9. 50% advance payment should be made by the industry/other institutions to start the project which is approved by the Nirmala college of Pharmacy.
    10. When the agreement is made in between the parties, it will be signed by PI, head of the institution and the industry/other organization or institute.
    11. After completion of project final report should be submitted to the funding agency. The project file will be closed and signature will be taken.
    12. Students those who are willing to work on consultancy projects may b e permitted as per institute norms. It does not affect their academic commitments and performance.

    Note: Consultants should not use the institute name or they are affiliated to Nirmala college of Pharmacy

    1. President- Secretary/correspondent
    2. Convener- Dr. Shaik Abdul Rahaman
    3. Research coordinator-Dr. D Subbareddy
    4. Treasurer-Dr. K Shantha Kumari
    5. Member- Dr. Anjana M
    6. Member- Mr. Shaik Liakhat Ali
    7. Member- Mrs. Ch. Supriya
    8. Member- Mrs.R R Manjula

    Consultancy Project details

Financial year
Project Title
Funding Agency
Consultancy Amount
Anti histaminic activity of some indigenous medicinal plants
Mrs.Mamillapalli Vani, Vijayawada, India
sysnthesis and charectarization of novel chalcones and pyrimidine derivatives
Mr.G.Eswara Rao,Vignan College of Pharmacy, Guntur, India
Isolation, Identification, characterization active constituents of aqueous extract of foeniculeum granatum and its analgesic activity
Dr.Sahitya, NRI Medical College, Mangalagiri, Guntur,India
Memory enhancemnt activity of quercitin on albino rats by using X,Y Mazes
Department of Bio Technology,Acharya Nagarjuna University,Guntur,India
Granualtion, Seiving, FBD and preparation of tablet dosage form
Mr.Madan,NRI Pharmacy College, Agiripally,Vijayawada,India
Identification, method development of Benzoic acid, Caffein, phenyl alanine using thin layer chromatography
Swasthik Pharmaceuticals Ltd,Vijayawada,India
Synthesis and Anti bacterial activity of Novel Pyrazolins
Mr.Md.faqruddin, Scholar, Acharya Nagarjuna University
Design & Anti Bacterial Activity of New Chalcones
Mr .Ranjith Kumar, Sri Siddhartha College of Pharmacy, Nuzvidu
Anti fungal & anti bacterial activity of synthasized novel compounds
Department of Pharmacy,Acharya Nagarjuna University,Guntur, India
Design and anti helmintic activity of novel chalcones and benzodiazepene compounds
CHMM Prasad, QIS College of Pharmacy, Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, India
Anti urolithic activity of methonolic extract of pith of punica granatum
Vara Prasad, Nimra College of Pharmacy, Ibrahimpatnam, Krishna(Dt), Andhra Pradesh, India
Diuretic activity of acetone extract of scoporia dulcis Linn.
Narayana College of Pharmacy, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India

We are affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna University & approved by AICTE & PCI (Pharmacy Council of India), New Delhi, India.

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